# Introduction

TAWNY offers an Emotion Analytics Platform which allows to analyze human affective states based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms. The platform offers easy-to-use and intuitive emotion analytics. No background knowledge in emotion science is required.

This is the documentation of the TAWNY Emotion Analytics Platform. If you have not heard about TAWNY before, you might want to start at our official website at https://www.tawny.ai (opens new window) before diving deeper into the technical details of our platform.

# What can I use the TAWNY Emotion Analytics Platform for?

The TAWNY Platform is used in many different scenarios. Typical use cases mostly revolve around testing products, services or advertisements in user studies. You simply record your study participants on video (e.g., with a webcam) while they are reacting to or interacting with your product. On the TAWNY Platform, you then can analyze these recordings to gain additional insights about how your test users actually perceive your product. For our clients, this is a valuable addition or even replacement for traditional market and user research techniques, such as questionnaires and the like.

If you have not registered on the TAWNY Platform, yet, you can directly create your account and start with a free trial, or you can sign up for a free demo session (opens new window) with our platform experts.